Local, reliable fuel delivery option for

the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

We are from the South Shore, as a locally owned and operated business all sales, commissions, and profits stay right here at home. Not only will your money stay right here in Nova Scotia but you will be talking to local people and decisions will be made locally, providing you with more personable and friendlier service we enjoy from our local business.

PAYLESS fuels is completely independent and we want to thank everyone for the support and the amazing growth from word of mouth and on our PAYLESS fanpage.

As an independent oil company based out of East River, NS, we take great pride in our community and customer service. Combined with our unbeatable oil prices at $0.05 a litre off of any major competitor we are here to serve your commercial and residential needs covering the South Shore Nova Scotia area.

PAYLESS fuels believes every person on the South Shore deserves a fair and hassle free alternative for fuel delivery. ~ Andrew Publicover

Furnace and Tank Installation

Malfunction, let our friendly and speedy team take care of you with full maintenance.

Unbeatable Price Guarantee

We pass the savings on to you with a $0.05 a litre off any  major competitor and average $350 annual savings.

Why pay more...
when you can

call: 866-406-3835

Get quality furnace oil and SAVE at least $0.05 a litre off any major competitor! (Minimum order of $400)


Payment processed after service.
We Accept cash, debit, CCs and EMTs.


SERVICING SOUTH SHORE (from Upper Tantallon to Liverpool and surrounding areas) Tantallon, Head of St. Margaret's bay, Boutilers Point, Ingramport, Black Point, Queensland, Hubbards, East River, Aspotogan, Northwest Cove, Birchey Head, Fox Point, Mill Cove, Bayswater, Blandford, Chester, East Chester, Chester Basin, Borgalds Point, Western Shore, Mahone Bay, Cornwall, Northwest, Lunenburg, Centre, OakHill, Bridgewater, Petite Riviere, Riverport, East LaHave, West LaHave, Pentz, Blue Rocks, Martins Point, Martins River, Cookville, Indian Point, Gold River, Kingsburg, West Dublin, Italy Cross, Mill Village, Broad Cove, Cherry Hill, Pleasantville, Hebbville, Conquerall Mills, Second Peninsula, Blue Rocks, Garden Lots, Hermans Island, Maders Cove, Heckmans Island, Newcombville, West Northfield, Wentzells Lake, New Germany, New Ross, Chester Grant, Seffernsville, Canaan, Sherwood, Vaughan, Barss Corner, Farmington, Maplewood, Parkdale, Newburne, Forties, New Russell, Simms Settlement

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