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A common dictionary definition of
entrepreneur is a person who starts a
new business and is willing to risk loss
in order to make money.
A philanthropist is defined by the
same dictionary as someone who seeks
to promote the welfare of others, especially
by the generous donation of money
to good causes.

Combine the two nouns and you get
philanthropreneur, a person whose
business successes enable him or her
to donate funds to charitable or social

Notable examples of philanthropreneurs
include Tesla’s Elon Musk, Facebook’s
Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and PayLess
Fuels’ Andrew Publicover.

Wait, what? Andrew who?
Well, Andrew Publicover’s business and
charitable initiatives do fall broadly

within the definition of philanthropreneurism,

although certainly not at the same altitudinous
level as the three multi-billionaires.

Publicover worked at Dexter Construction
for five years, spent several years
buying, fixing up and selling
recreational equipment,
then travelled throughout
the Maritimes delivering
motor oil to Irving Oil’s inhouse
accounts such as school bus garages
and truck shops.
Those jobs paid the bills, but Publicover
dreamed of building a career
doing something on his own.

“I bought an oil truck but had no
work for it, so I asked myself, do I
sell the truck and try something else
or do I find a way to put the truck to
work for me? That’s when I started
to dream up different ideas, and furnace
oil seemed like the right move, so
on Jan. 1, 2016, I launched PayLess Fuels,”

said Publicover.

In five years, Publicover – who was
born in Blandford, raised in Halifax
and now lives in East River – has
grown his business from one truck
and a solitary client to three trucks
and nearly 3,000 clients.
“Initially, we delivered furnace oil
from Tantallon to Italy Cross, then we
went as far as the Valley line, including
New Germany, Barss Corner, New Ross
and The Forties. We recently made the
decision to cast a big net and expand
west to Liverpool and north into
Sackville,” said the enterprising

“Our clients are spread out over a
large area, so it’s a lot of driving. Drivers
in the city travel about 10 km to
sell their truckload of oil. We drive
about 300 km to sell our truckload,” he

PayLess now has three drivers,
including Publicover. His wife, Pam
Lascelles, helps out in the office when
she isn’t studying at nursing school.
Also lending a hand occasionally are
Publicover’s parents.
PayLess Fuels is truly a local, familyoperated

Publicover said he values the close connection
to community, and is proud to be available
on weekends to take calls and book furnace
oil deliveries.

“I understand life is busy, and it can
be tough to get everything done between
nine and five weekdays, so for
that reason we are always here for
our clients, no matter when they call,” said

This year, particularly during
Christmas, the Publicovers have embarked
on a broad range of philanthropic
activities, investing in many
facets of community life, including
families in need.

“There are many South Shore
families who can use some assistance,
especially this year with the COVID19
pandemic adding another level of stress,”

said Publicover.

“We contacted the pastor at St.
John’s Anglican Church in Lunenburg
and offered 10 turkey dinners, complete
with all the trimmings and dessert,”

he said.

“Another 10 turkey dinners
were donated to the United Way
of Lunenburg County. Church.and
United Way officials will deter mine
the recipients.”

Included with each of the 20 Christmas
dinners will be a gift card donated
by Foodland in Lunenburg.

Publicover said he also gave the
church 10 PayLess Fuels gift cards,
valued at $100 each. Again, the recipients
of this kind gesture will be left up
to church officialsto decide.

“Many people struggle to come up
with the money needed to heat their
homes. We want to relieve some of
that financial pressure,” he said.

Another fortunate family won a
complete turkey dinner for 10 people,
along with a $150 Walmart gift card.
To qualify, the winner, chosen at random,
had to like the PayLess
Facebook page and share the post.

PayLess also gave away $1,000 cash
to a lucky new Auto-Fill customer,
and a $200 PayLess gift card was presented
to the existing customer who referred
the winner to the company.

The Publicovers support and/or donate
money or product to these local
U11A South Shore
(platinum sponsorship),
Shatford Memorial Elementary
School, Forties Community Centre,
oxen and horse pulls at the New Ross
Community Fair, and numerous community

“My roots are on the South
Shore, and it just feels natural to be here,
away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
I love living in a small community where everyone
knows you, and everybody looks out for each other,”

said Publicover.
“Our family is grateful for our clients’support
of PayLess Fuels during the past five years,” added
the South Shore’s latest philanthropreneur.

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